Roller marks?

Jennifer asked 9 years ago

Hi, I am painting a dining room, I have patched and sanded the walls until very smooth, I primed the walls with tinted primer, and I have now painted 2 coats on. The paint is very smooth to the touch, but there are slight roller marks when you look at the wall from an angle. How do I remedy this?

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

Depending on what color you are working with you might need to put an extra coat on. Red is one of those colors. You also need to make sure your painting technique is correct, like ending every roll in the same direction. One more method you can do is to apply a building primer over your paint to hide those roller marks. You can buy these building primer at your local paint store.

Anonymous answered.

Try a third coat and don't be stingy with the paint. Even with top quality "one coat" paints, you often need to put on more than two coats because the paint is pulled into the wall where it's been repaired and sanded. You might want to consider switching to an eggshell finish for the third coat. Eggshell hides a multitude of sins. Make sure the previous coat has set at least 24 hours before you add a third coat.