Rubber Mat Mistake

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

New wood deck sealed with Thompson clear waterproof. I put a mat down under my grill. When I removed their is a black stain from rubber mat. How do remove stain without scrubbing off water sealer?

2 Answers
MagicDave answered.

You didn't wait long enough for the sealer to CURE… 5-10 days… so now try a rag and lacquer thinner to remove the stain and then reseal the area locally, but this will probably not work… in which case you are "screwed" and need to sand, prime and PAINT the deck!

Anonymous answered.

Priming and painting isn't necessary. Sand off the stain and reapply the sealer to the new bare wood. Since this is a clear sealer the sanded area shouldn't show up after sealing, assuming you sanded the entire deck before original application.