Rules on trim color.

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Does trim have to be the same throughout the house? Can I have white trim in the living room and natural cherry wood trim in the connecting kitchen?

3 Answers
evelien answered.

Of course!

It depends on the rest of your interior, but it's a matter of making things look nice together. Uniformity is not always nice – isn't it?

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Good luck, Evelien

Anonymous answered.

The trim does not have to match throughout the house. However it is important that trim not over shadow the paint scheme. Its best to have a lighter color of trim than the wall color. Try using a few shades lighter on the same color palette.

Anonymous answered.

You most certainly can. Different colors in trim actually work quite nicely in a house, assuming that you make sure the different trims suit the different rooms. It is a nice way to break up a house so that it seems larger and more varied, and divide rooms that may not be so clearly differentiated.