Rusty Roof

Anonymous asked 9 years ago

Galvanized roof starting to rust. What kind of paint should I use to repair it? Aprox 17 years old.

2 Answers
M.A.C. Painting answered.

I would recommend a DTM Rust inhibator primer followed with a sturdy oil based paint. make sure you sand it clean first.

Adam D. Cavenagh
M.A.C. Painting

Crowder Painting answered.

I agree, the DTM (Direct to Metal) primer will do a good job. For the top coat I would use a semi-gloss acrylic DTM paint. It would be easier to work with and more color stable, although not as hard as a good oil base.

For a good oil base paint check out the available industrial enamels at your local paint store. This is a different type of oil paint when compared to standard oils.