Sanded Fiberglass Door

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I got instructions from on how to stain and clear coat a fiberglass door. I have one coat of the clear coat on and sanded to put a second coat on. I did not realize you are not supposed to sand at all. The Minwax instructions told me for fiberglass doors clear coat, to just follow the instructions on the can. It said nothing about no sanding. Anyway the door just looks a little scuffed. Is there a way to take those marks off without stripping it and starting over?

2 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

The scuff marks might be in the fiberglass. If this is the case there isn't anything that you can do. If they are not into the fiberglass then applying the stain will cover them up.

Try applying a little stain to the affected areas, making sure to blend them into the surrounding area so they don't show. If this works, allow the stain spots to dry then apply apply another clear coat over the entire door.

Anonymous answered.

If the scuffs are in the first top coat and the stain was not removed under the clear coat you are fine. Be sure to wipe the cloudy coating off the door that came from sanding the first top coat and then apply the next coat. If the scuffs are in the stain and to the fiberglass you might have sanded to much??