Sanding as part of Interior wall painting prep?

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Lynette asked 6 years ago

I am an Interior Decorator with 19 years experience. Recently I acquired a new client with a beautiful 3 year old home in need of decorating and finishes. My first suggestion was to paint and add warmth and neutral personality. My client is in the construction field and had a painter he was affiliated with and would prefer to use (in place of my painter). That’s fine- he’s the client. I met his painter and much to my surprise- he said he will SAND all the walls in preparation! What? I’ve never heard of this unless you had a high gloss finish on first or some glazing that would need scuffing. I advised him I’ve never in all my years seen or heard of sanding the walls (unless for the above noted reasons) and he basically told me I was uninformed! as were my painters.

Any thoughts out there folks?
This is going to cause a house full of dust!

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