Sap Bleeds Thru

Wayne Demann asked 10 years ago

Our home is 2 years old. The problem I am having is with the red wood railing around the deck. Most of the sapping has stopped but the paint is still chipping. I am using Sherwin Williams quick seal 350 hs alkyd stain blocker primer which is supposed to block knots/sap. Top coat is Behr exterior flat prem/plus 100% latex. For the 3rd time I primed and painted this railing. It almost seems like I’m getting new sap bleeds thru the paint. I live in N. California and are located about 300 yards from the American river which gives us damp am mornings. Any suggestion?

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Spot prime the problem, sappy, areas with a shellac primer. Apply 2 coats with about 30 minutes between each coat. This should seal up those areas.

For a better seal from the moisture use a satin or semi-gloss. This will hold up better than a flat.