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Jack asked 9 years ago

We’re taking bids from painters. Most say they will use Dunn-Edwards paint but one of them says he wants to use a Behr paint that requires no primer. It has it built in. I spoke with Home Depot. They say it’s a new product and very popular. Can I go with the Behr or should I stick with a painter who uses Dunn-Edwards?

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Crowder Painting answered.

First, I need to state that this is my opinion! I've heard this claim before from all kinds of different paint manufactures over the years. Personally, I'm a firm believer in steps when painting and one of them is priming where necessary and using the right primer for the surface that will be painted.

I also wonder about the Behr paint, "How much of the paint can is primer and how much is paint?" and "Did they reduce some critical components to make this work?"

The steps I've written about in <a href="">Exterior Paint Preparation</a> are the same ones I use to paint houses here in Colorado. My paint jobs last for 10+ years with very little peeling.

I have used some Behr products in the past (customer supplied) and I wasn't impressed. I have also used Dunn-Edwards and liked it, the paint actually worked for me instead of against me (like the Behr paint).

I would go with a painter that includes all the necessary steps, including priming, in their bid.

Anonymous answered.

Self Priming my foot!

Just bought a new home in Ottawa, Canada and the painter used 'self priming paint' on our trim – after just a couple of months every baseboard is unsightly – every joint is cracking and the paint is barely staying on – window trim is the same, and the wood is showing threw the paint, which I think comes off when I wipe down for dust (damp cloth only). Same product used on our ceilings, and I'm now in a place to have to repaint throughout my home. Trust someone who has had a very bad experience – never accept self priming paint. It says a lot about your painter too. Run away, or enjoy all the work to fix.

Anonymous answered.

It never rains in Cali

Of course your paint jobs last ten years+. It may rain twice a year down there. Sherwin Williams self priming Duration does exactly what it says it will do. Up here in RAINY Vancouver Can is the ultimate test for self priming products and this one works. I would only use it when the budget is a tight one though. Always go by the book!

Anonymous answered.

I was going to use the Behr all in one myself and checked with a friend of mine who used it for his bathroom and did not like it. Said to go with a separate primer and then paint, not the all in one. That is just his opinion, of course. I would ask around.

Anonymous answered.

Here is my experience, each has its place:

I love my D-E paint but there is a great use for Behr all in one and it works.

On the Exterior – DO NOT use All in one, It just doesn't seem to hold up.

On the interior – if you are painting over NEW material – DON'T bother, prime and then paint. The all-in ones just don't 'seal' that well. HOWEVER, IF you are painting over existing paint on the interior – by all means, esp over semi gloss. Behr all in one actually does provide good adhesion – NO ROLLER SLIPPAGE while painting and has great one-coat coverage – if rolling it also splatters less.

Peter, GMSservices, San Diego