Self Priming Paint or Regular Paint

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Jack asked 10 years ago

We’re taking bids from painters. Most say they will use Dunn-Edwards paint but one of them says he wants to use a Behr paint that requires no primer. It has it built in. I spoke with Home Depot. They say it’s a new product and very popular. Can I go with the Behr or should I stick with a painter who uses Dunn-Edwards?

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Anonymous answered.

Its important to note that Behr and all those other paint companies don't have a paint and primer product as there is no such thing. There is 'self priming' paint. which is basically a 100% acrylic coating. The marketing behind these paint and primer in one is so misleading as it makes consumers believe that half the can is paint and the other half is primer–ITS NOT. And anytime a company tries to mislead me I have to wonder why.