Shasta white shingles on ranch style house.

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Kathy Cale asked 10 years ago

I have Shasta white shingles that look grey. I don’t really want to go with grey paint for both the trim and body. If I go with grey for the body I welcome suggestions for a trim color besides red or white. Does anybody know what shade of white best matches these shingles? Better yet any color combinations others have used, that have these shingles.

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

A sky blue shade color will be better, which matches shingles. The blue with a white color gives a romantic and classic shade which is very attractive for the trim. For the body you may use a greenish white. This combination looks great and very classic.

Anonymous answered.

I would go with a frosted oak color, that would go good with your Shasta white. It would also protect your home from the heat in the summer. And would bring out the natural colors in your home.