Sheen variation on a plank ceiling.

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Pete DeTroia asked 10 years ago

I installed a plank ceiling in both my kitchen and living room. I painted the planks with Behr flat enamel, and I am having problems with glare causing a sheen variation on only one of the planks. The plank must be in an area where the low angle glare hits it just right, causing this plank to appear a darker sheen. It is driving me crazy. Aside from putting up curtains in the window, will another coat of flat paint help with this problem? Thanks

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

I will answer your question with a short answer. No, another coat will probably not make a difference.

I will go further and suggest against using a product advertised as a "Flat Enamel." Not once have I heard of good results using these type products. Choose either a flat paint or an enamel with a sheen. The flat enamel is a marketing gimmick and nothing else.