Sheetrock Repair After Removing Wallpaper

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James asked 7 years ago

I’m trying to find a suitable fix for sheetrock that has been damaged by aggressive wallpaper removal. I’ve encountered this problem several times lately due to changing trends and homeowners wanting to save money by doing their own wallpaper removal. In several places, a layer of two of the sheetrock paper has been taken off. The sizes of such damaged areas vary from a few square inches to a couple square feet. Within a few minutes of skimming such areas with mud, the paper absorbs moisture and blisters or bubbles. I’ve also tried a sealer on them first only to have it blister the same way. I’ve had some success on small areas by smearing wood glue on the damaged portions and allowing to dry before mudding. Anyone know of a great tip for tackling such an issue on the larger areas?

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