Should I match the crown molding?

Monica asked 10 years ago

I just installed new crown molding in my kitchen. The paint is antique white with a brown glaze. My current window and floor trim are white. Should I paint them to match the crown molding? The doors are also white, what do I need to paint them?

2 Answers
MagicDave answered.

Paint the crown molding to match the rest of the trim…

Crowder Painting answered.

As Dave suggests, everything one color (white) is a great classy look. Clean lines and color continuity.

Another option is to leave everything alone and use the crown molding as a separate accent. You already know what that looks like, this fine as long as you like the look.

Repainting all trim in your kitchen to match the crown molding could also look good as long as this is a separate room, doesn't blend into other rooms as with most open style floor plans or you could find yourself repainting a lot more trim.

Another option is using the crown molding to accent the cabinets. Normally this would be matching the overall color to the cabinets. If you cabinets are painted the same then this will look good. Everything else can remain white.