Should I paint a primer on my fiberglass door?

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Rachel asked 10 years ago

Cannot find a professional in my area to restain and finish my front door. A friend (carpenter) did it for me. He tried to strip the old stain, but was unsuccessful. Instead; he painted or used a primer of some sort – then, used gel stain over that. He polyurethaned it but I don’t like how “choppy” it looks. You can see bristle lines and it is very uneven. I would like to restain it. I have read all of your blogs related to this topic. I plan to strip the finish and the stain – then start over. However, should I apply a paint or primer to my fiberglass door before putting on new stain?

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Crowder Painting answered.

You would be better off stripping everything, all coating, off your door and starting over. Adding more layers of primer/paint/stain/varnish could cause many problems with peeling and total failure of the different coatings.

Check with a local auto paint store for a good paint stripper that will work on fiberglass. They deal with tough coatings all the time and fiberglass is a component of many cars so they should have something suitable.