Should I use paint or solid stain on old cedar shingles?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Exterior Painting QuestionsShould I use paint or solid stain on old cedar shingles?
Christina asked 10 years ago

My house was built in 1825. I live in Gaspesie, Qc near the Gulf of St-Lawrence, across from the water. Lots of wind and sea salt.

The exterior of the front part of the house has always been cedar shingles and has been painted several times. The last time was in 1977. The back part of the house had clapboard siding. Last summer we ripped it off and put up new cedar shingles. So now I have half a house with very old painted cedar shingles and half with new cedar shingles. We’ve tried pressure washing the old paint off but the shingles are very old and the paint didn’t really come off.

So, should what should I do? Scrap what ever is peeling or everything? Use an oil, alkyd or water based primer? Use paint or solid stain?
Thank you

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Crowder Painting answered.

I recommend paint. You have new as well as old painted shingles. A paint will blend these two different areas. Plus, the salt and wind will affect a stain before paint, paint will last longer in your situation.

You will need to carefully scrape off all the loose paint and prime the entire house with a good oil based wood primer that is designed for sealing tannins. Cedar might bleed tannins and cause some staining. Make sure to seal all the edges really well. Brushing and rolling is a good idea, this will push the primer into the wood.