Sloppy paint job in new home! Help!

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Erin asked 7 years ago

I’m in desperate need of some advice. My husband and I recently moved into our new/first home together. It’s a new construction in a newly developed neighborhood. During our final walk through we, being first time home buyers, weren’t exactly sure what to mark as a ‘need to fix’. Now that we have been in our place about a month, I’m noticing what a crappy job the painters have done, on just about everything! The walls I can tolerate because I plan on painting them anyways. It’s the horrible trim job that I just can’t stop noticing. Baseboards, doors/door frames, windows, mantle, all of it. Corners are gloppy and can easily be scratched off in clumps, uneven caulking, gaps where corners should meet… you name it, it’s been (poorly) done. I would like to fix these problems myself. I’m a bit of a control freak and perfectionist, and after seeing some of the same problems in my neighbors places, quite frankly, I don’t trust my builder’s painter to fix this situation.

Since I’ve never had to tackle a job of this sort, I’m looking for a little guidance. From what I can tell all the trim is mdf (another disappointment) with a very heavy handed coat or two of white latex paint. I’ve already tried sanding down a few lumpy areas and the paint quickly rolls up and kinda starts to peel, but sticks in other areas. Not completely sure where to go from here. I want to do a quality job and don’t want a trial error experience on our first home.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!
Thank you!
Frustrated First Home Buyer

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Crowder Painting answered.

First, talk to the builder.  They should be made aware of this problem and its extent.  And if the builder and or painter is willing to fix things give them a chance.  Give them something small and easy to start and see how it goes.  To be honest, really fixing it will take replacing the trim with new and then properly painting it. 
Repairing this type of mess is a major pain.  Sanding and scrapping and sanding some more.  There is no good way to deal with the rolling-up paint than careful sanding.  It laborious work.  Look over the interior prep and paint categories for reference articles.