Small windowless bathroom.

Tammy Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi, I have a small windowless bathroom with a dark wood cabinet…I really like the Benjamin Moore Mediterranean Olive and was wondering if you think this would be too dark of a paint for the walls?

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Anonymous Staff answered 8 years ago

Since your bathroom doesn’t have any windows, and you already have a cabinet that’s dark in color. It is better to have a light color for your wall to make the bathroom look clean.

Anonymous Staff answered 8 years ago

That color combination would be very nice. Just make sure you have very good lighting in your bathroom; a light fixture above the mirror would be a good idea. A light colored floor and ceiling will reflect light as well.

Anonymous Staff answered 7 years ago

I had a decorator design my small windowless bathroom. She choose a dark moss green color for the walls, dark slate floor and a black cabinet above the toilet and a black framed mirror. The toilet and sink are white. The bathroom is beautiful. It had all light colors before and actually looked smaller. Now it feels better and looks bigger.

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