Spackled spots still showing.

Sara Staff asked 4 years ago

I spackled and sanded the damaged areas on drywall. I cleaned the walls and used Behr Eggshell paint & primer (in one). Now I can see the walls are uneven. Should I sand again and repaint? If so what grade of sand paper to use? I want to do it myself. Thanks

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crowderpainting Staff answered 8 years ago

Are the spots showing as a dull area against a shiner back ground? If so then simply apply another coat of paint.

If not then you will need to re-spackle the affected spots, sand and prime with Kilz or Zinsser Cover Stain. The primer is available in quarts or spray cans for small areas. With a real primer you will be able to easily see if the spots are good and if not continue to work on them.

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