Spots in Paint That Look Wet

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Katie asked 10 years ago

I bought a house and am in the process of painting it. The living/dining room was painted white and I painted it a Camel color. Two days after painting, small spots are starting to pop up. The spots look like someone sprinkled the wall with water.

I put an extra coat of paint over the spots, they bled through. I put small amount of texture over the spot and repainted, bled through. I washed a spot to the bottom coat of paint then repainted and they still bled through. I really don’t want to prime it, but I figure that is my next option. What could be causing the spots and what is the best way to remedy the problem?

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Crowder Painting answered.

The spots can be caused by many different types of house hold chemicals; grease, furniture polish, soap. Surface contaminates like this must be sealed with a good stain blocking oil based primer.

You don't have to prime the entire wall. If there are just a few spots bleeding through the paint try using an aerosol spray can of Kilz or Zinsser Cover Stain. For many spots purchase a quart or gallon and use a brush or weenie roller.

After priming try touching up a few of the spots to see if they still bleed through, if they do re-prime the areas. For very persistent bleed through I recommend a shellac primer.

Allow the primer to dry for 1 hour then repaint as necessary. If the touched up areas look good after they dry, touch up the remaining primed spots. If not, repaint the entire surface.

Anonymous answered.

I am going to try it.

I used over 2 gallons of Pittsburgh bamboo on my 16×8 wall. I am seeing dirty spots that also look wetish and I am sure it is smoke stains. The wall looks beautiful except for certain areas. God, I don't want to paint his whole wall again. I am going to pick up a can of Kilz and spray the areas that look really nasty and repaint them next weekend. Thank you for your comment. I sure hope it works. I have gone crazy with this wall and hope this turns out for me. Thank you so much…… I'll let you know.

Anonymous answered.

Spots after painting ceiling

We put up brand new green sheetrock in our remodeled bathroom and had it finished and the ceiling was painted with the knockdown technique. After 3 or 4 days, we have wet looking spots in the ceiling only. This was new sheetrock.

I hope using the shellac primer solves our problem cause I am going to get some today. I wonder if we need to only put it on the spots, or the whole ceiling, and then only paint the spots with a flat white ceiling paint?

Crowder Painting answered.

Spots Only

Prime just the spots only. After it dries go ahead and touch up your ceilings. Depending on the paint and the ceiling, you might have to repaint the entire ceiling.

At least with touching up you will find out if the primer did its job.