Spraying doors and shelves indoors.

Questions & AnswersSpraying doors and shelves indoors.
Anonymous asked 9 years ago

What would your opinion be of a painting contractor who set up a “paint booth” in one of my rooms by covering the windows and shutters with the thinnest of plastic, and proceeded to spray stain on about 50 shelves and cabinet doors. The floor is bare concrete – awaiting carpet, and they did not cover vents, switches, speakers, or anything else in the walls or ceilings.

The floor is now dark brown, and there is overspray everywhere. I’m wondering if this is a “normal” practice.

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Crowder Painting answered.

It is common for a painter to utilize available space in a new home or building for finishing woodwork and the like. I have done this myself and I also have my own building I use as a spray booth.

It would have been nice if the painter took greater care to cover things better. It is their responsibility to make sure all items are clean and in proper working order. I'm sure they plan on repainting the walls and ceiling in this room. The concrete floor shouldn't be a problem when the carpet is installed.

Make sure the painter puts the room back into proper order. Voice your concerns, I'm sure the painter is interested in providing quality workmanship and would like you to be happy. A happy customer is a "recommending" customer.