Stain Glows On Cedar Sided House

Carol Staff asked 4 years ago

I am restaining my sawn-cut cedar sided home. The cedar was installed via the channel method. The current stain has a beautiful glow to it. There is also much variegation in the wood. All homes I have compared it too appear to have a matte finish. What brands or types of exterior stain would give me the glowing look I desire, rather than a flat or matte look?

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crowderpainting Staff answered 9 years ago

Most exterior stains have no sheen when they dry. But, I have used some stains that do have a very nice sheen.

1) ICI Wood Pride Oil/Acrylic Solid Color Siding Stain (2701V)
This is an emulsified oil/acrylic stain. It has a solid color appearance, but it does allow the character of the wood through.

2) ICI Wood Pride Oil/Acrylic Semi-transparent Deck and Siding Stain (2710V) This is just like the above ICI stain except is has less pigments.

3) TWP Semi-transparent Deck and Siding Stain
This is a low pigmented oil based stain that has a satin sheen when dry. Need to use a flood coat technique in order to have an even sheen.

4) Sikkens Cetol 1 Log and Siding Stain
This is a translucent oil based stain that has a nice sheen when dry. Need to apply two coats for an even satin sheen.

5) Sikkens SRD Semi-transparent Stain
Has a low sheen just above a flat.

This list should get you started. The best way to test a stain is to buy a few pieces of wood that approximates your siding and take to your local paint stores. Have some stain applied at the store , allow it to dry and see if it has the color and effect you are after.

Anonymous Staff answered 8 years ago

Cabot Australian Timber Oil

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