Staining My Dinning Room Table

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Candita asked 10 years ago

So far I’ve only done one chair, but I stained it 3 times and the color still wasn’t dark enough. So I let it sit over night and I didn’t wipe all of the left over stain off because I like it dark.

My question is; what can I do to make it not sticky and how long do I have to wait if there’s nothing I can do?

2 Answers
MagicDave answered.

After applying stain you need to immediately wipe off the excess with a clean dry rag, to insure a uniform finish… stain (oil base) takes about 3-4 hours to dry… if it is not dark enough, use a darker stain and go over it…

Anonymous answered.

Wipe it off with thinner, sand it with course grit sand paper, test the color. If not dark enough wash down chair with water and stain again. If grain is too raised with water then scuff sand with light sand paper, try not to take off color. If the color is still too light use spray gun to shade chair.