Staining new wood – two different colors

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I recently redid my living room – my window sills are rather large and we used 1×10 wood purchased at Lowes. Then for trim I purchased the stainable trim also purchased at Lowes. Even though I have used the same stain on both and applied exactly the same way the 1×10 is much lighter but looks like Pine, but the stainable trim I purchased looks a totally different color like oak or maple after I stained it. What if anything can I do now to fix. I realize the 1×10 is not a high grade wood as the stainable trim, but the difference in the color is too different.

Also I did not use any conditioner on either wood because I was ignorant. I have put polyurethane on the window sills (1 x 10). Is there anything I can do to remedy this situation to get them somewhat the same color? Can I put a different color stain, perhaps, a darker stain that would remedy?

Any help you can offer will be great appreciated.

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