Staining Painted Cabinets

Alan asked 10 years ago

Hello, I have painted (white) cabinets in my bathroom. Is there a procedure to paint them so that they have a wood look. (Oak, maple, cedar) the room is Early American and “stained wood” would look nice.

Are there two/three step kits or instruction to accomplish this. I really do not want to strip the wood as I am sure it is cheap even pressed wood, and it would be a lot of labor.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

3 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

It is possible to have a "stained wood" look over top paint. It isn't exactly easy but it is doable. I'm not aware of any kits on the market but I'm sure there are. You will need to repaint the cabinets a light tan color, this will be the back ground color. The material list is very straight forward;

1) Gel stain, I like Old Masters Gel Stain or a heavy bodied regular wood stain.

2) Wood graining tool. This will make the faux wood grain, two or three different types will be useful.

3) Clear finish to protect your investment.

You will need to practice on a piece of wood or old cabinet door. The stain is applied over the tan paint then a wood graining tool is pulled through the stain. This will remove some stain and leave some stain. The end pattern will have a wood grain look. Once the stain is applied and fully dry then two or more coats of varnish, poly or clear acrylic is applied.

Getting the feel for using a rubber graining tool or graining comb will take time. This is why you will need to practice.

Anonymous answered.

What kind of tan paint?

Do I use flat, satin, semi-gloss tan paint for the base shade on the cabinets? Can I use Latex?

Crowder Painting answered.

Use a flat or matte finish latex. A slight sheen is OK but you don't want a lot of sheen.