Staining Temperature

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

It is fall and I’m wondering if this is the best time to do this project? Considering the temperatures. What temperature range is best for restaining an exterior wood door?

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MagicDave answered.

Not below 50 deg F at night for at least 14 consecutive days (while the applied material cures completely) and not over 90 deg F … while making the application… BTW if your door has any Varnish on it (over the stain, which is usually done to protect the exterior surface) you CAN NOT re-stain it… it will not "take" since stain is absorbed and not a film application… you will need to Strip it first using a Stripper or Refinisher…

Perhaps you were originally thinking of just Re Varnishing it… not Re-Staining it… then you can go ahead and lightly sand the old Varnish, dust it, then Re Varnish…