Steel roof Charcol brown and white siding.

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Laurie asked 10 years ago

Undecided what color to paint shutters and front door. I asked at a local paint store and they suggested a black front door and a greyish color for shutters and a greyish lighter color for foundation as well as greyish tones for front porch?? I would welcome any suggestions you may have.

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It depends what you like. Black front door and grey shutters is conservative and would look great. If you are adventurous and would like a stunning house that stands out splash colour on those shutters and front door. Navy Blue or even Teal Green would look great and go with the country setting. One rule of thumb I always suggest to my customers is to use inviting colours on the front door. Make the front door the focal point to attract guests to your house. But it is your house and you must live in it not me, so paint to your liking and tastes.