Steps To Take In Preparing a House For Exterior Painting

Terry asked 6 years ago

Aloha, I need to know the steps to take in preparing a house for exterior painting. (This is a very old house)

This is what I did, step by step:

1)Sprayed house with Clorox and water to remove mildew. Rinsed and let dry.
2)Patched holes and sand the house.
3)Now here is where my boyfriend and I buck heads. I would think to prime the whole house, and then paint. But, he says we don’t have to. Just wasting money on primer. So, he’s priming only the wood that had to be replaced.

Please advise me asap before I go bonkers! Oh, and one more thing: he’s priming in all different angles; like up and down, next section side to side. And it looks terrible! Will this show under the paint job? I thought, priming should be painted on just as your paint should be. Please help me, he won’t listen to a word I say. I might be wrong, but please clear the air so this house can be painted by the holidays.

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