Stop marks appearing on newly painted walls.

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Dean asked 10 years ago

I have just spent the last month painting a seven bedroom house before moving in. I have used a Dulux paint with a soft truffle & mellow Mocha matt finish. Once painted it looked great until the family moved in! Now every slight touch of the wall it marks whether its a finger print or an arm brushing against it. We have only been in a week it looks like it has been done for years. Can you put a PVA sealer over painted walls to stop this from happening? Any advice would be great.

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Anonymous answered.

Even a matte finish should have good resistance to marking. This sounds like a problem with the paint. You need to contact both the retailer and manufacture. Make sure you still have at least 1 can with labels. They should have some idea if this batch has/had some problems and they also give you some new paint.

At this point priming isn't needed nor will it do any good. All that is needed is another coat of paint that will not have this problem.