Streaky Ceiling

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

When we moved in our brand new house the ceiling in the kitchen and dining room was streaky and unpainted in some areas. The builder came back 3 times and it still looked funny but improved. Now I’m getting ready to paint the walls and I thought I would paint the ceiling first.

I bought top notch paint and gave it 2 coats. When it dried the streaks were worse so I went back to Home Depot and they advised to use an oil paint and that should work which I did. It improved but there were areas that had bubbles and now the ceiling is terrible.

What can I do, we are seniors and on limited income and can’t afford a painter. But we are open to any concept, it looks horrible.

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MagicDave answered.

No disrespect (I'm a senior too) but by this time, you should be advised that perhaps you are not using proper: 1.Tools 2.Techniques 3.Materials and any further attempts will just give you inferior results… nevertheless if you refuse hiring a pro… you will need to do this to rectify all the before-hand errors:

Lightly sand, using a block sander, all of the surface… Next, Prime it with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… Next, Finish coat (1 coat) with (only) Sherwin Williams Classic-99 (latex) and use a FLAT finish for the ceiling…