Stripping paint and staining old vanity.

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I have an old style vanity that was painted. I want to strip it and stain it. However, some portions of the vanity are made of laminate. Is it possible to stain it and have it all one color even on the laminate?

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Anonymous answered.

Staining the laminate is very different from the wood. After stripping and sanding you need to prime the laminate with a good acrylic primer, Zinsser 123 or Gripper. The primer should be tinted to a medium or light tan. This will create a background color for the stain.

Staining laminate isn't as easy as wood. You will need to create the wood grain. Tools and materials needed are gel stain and a graining tool.

Once all of the stain is dry you can apply a clear finish, varnish work well.