Stucco Failing

Eric asked 10 years ago

I’m a homeowner with a house built new in 2000. From the very first year, the standard product smooth-finish applied tinted stucco cracked. Patching was never a good looking match. It has become worse every year and now, areas are “peeling” off in sheets.

I know it has failed for sure, but am perplexed on whether repairs to the cracks with an acrylic stucco and then a masonry sealer followed by a qualified paint (elastomeric or otherwise)will work. Unfortunately,I have the leaching effect in areas that are obviously the salts etc you describe coming out due to water. I live in Southern Utah.

There’s also new stucco products – one I’ve heard about and seen called “Synergy”. I will do anything it takes but don’t know if there will be eventual adhesion failures in the future due to the peeling/leaching. The house is a southwest design with no complicated joints/corners/roof eaves. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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