Suggestions for new colors on Ranch House in Midwest

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago

My house has green aluminum siding, with a picture window on the right (1 big & 2 small) on the right of the door, and a small window (kitchen) on the left. There is a white house w/ black trim to left of us and a beige house w/white trim to the right, and the whole neighborhood is about the same.

I would like to add a some color, but nothing dramatic. We started the remodeling with the roof, and chose a charcoal gray. The trim, soffits, and gutters are a creamy white that matches Glidden’s Beautiful Beige. We are thinking of painting the house a medium gray-brown similar to Glidden Grounded, hoping that will be enough color.

What color should I paint the foundation and the prefab steps? We plan to purchase a new front door 3/4 Oval glass, should we paint it? If so, what color? Should we add shutters?

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