Swiss coffee ceilings.

Sophia asked 10 years ago

Have light hardwood floors in all rooms. Ceilings will be Swiss Coffee. What soothing light colors for the walls to blend with Swiss Coffee, 1 or 2 shades darker? Many thanks

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

First, the safest color is a sage green. It matches every design style, every wood tone, every white/off-white/beige. It's natural, neutral and instantly brings together mis-matched elements. The second, and the not so safe route, is terra cotta. Yes, it looks really scary to paint walls that color, but it warms up a room. If you can do an adobe/stone looking finish, terra cotta or a taupe would look really nice. Whatever you do, bring paint chips into your home BEFORE you paint! Don't worry about how "dark" "bright" or "colorful" they may seem with the current paint. Check to see how well the color compliments each important item. (Being wood tones, furniture and existing upholstery.)

Anonymous answered.

The best color I choose is sage green. If you paint the living room with sage green it will be looking nice. My option is to color with is terra cotta. The walls with this color will also look nice.