Things went wrong while painting a wall

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DQ asked 10 years ago

HI Guys,
Let me start by saying, I have never painted a wall before myself -so I watched a few online youtube videos and did other research before jumping in.

I bought this Glidden semi gloss paint, a shade of orange and started doing it. But after a while I had to step out; came back and continued and by the time I finished the area which I did before looked darker. I kinda played cool and waited for it to dry (all). Now this morning when I go back and see it still looks darker. I have painted a second coat on the same wall including the area which has darker looking paint and waiting for it to dry but I suspect it will still have a darker look.

What do you guys suggest in normalizing the look? The rest of the wall looks amazing but this patch is just making me feel bad.

Do I have to buy flat white paint, do the whole wall white again and then paint it back with this orange shade? Please say no to this 🙂

I particularly want to know how to fix this?

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Crowder Painting answered.

This is typical with dark or intense colors. You will need to repaint but this time do the following;

* Cut-in and roll one wall at a time to keep a wet edge.

* Roll as close to the ceiling and corners as possible. Try rolling horizontally at the ceiling. If you can get within an inch, this would be good, less chance you will notice any color differences.

* Add Flotrol to the paint, both cut-in and rolling, to slow down its dry time. This will help the paint blend.

* Use your true finish paint. No need to buy a flat paint or do any priming.