Tinted Primer

Anonymous asked 6 years ago

We are about to paint our house and need some advice. I think the previous owner was color blind. The house is a VERY bright turquoise color that I call blue-green algae. We plan to paint the house a subdued sage gray-green. The guys at Sherwin Williams are insisting that we tint the primer the same color as the paint we’ve chosen. I got a small amount to test and when the tinted primer is applied on top of the blue-green algae color, it ends up looking like weak milk chocolate — far from the sage gray-green we want. I tried applying a second coat, but it didn’t change a bit. I think we need a white primer. I’ve read a lot of info about the need for tinted primers when painting with a deep, saturated color … but I haven’t found any info on COVERING a horrible color like our blue-green algae. Help! White primer or tinted primer? If tinted, what color?
Thanks so much.

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