Tiny Pinholes with original paint showing through after painting.

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

Hi – I have tiny pinholes showing up on my new paint with the other paint showing through. If this was over a white I would let it go, but I am having a blue paint show through pinholes in Navajo White. How do I correct this?

I originally had a blue wall painted 23 years ago in a flat paint. I did all of the prep work and then painted a coat of Behr Prem Plus in a light blue flat enamel – waited a couple of weeks due to other renovations, and then painted another coat. The color didn’t look well with the rest of the projects going on so I placed Navajo White Behr Prem Plus Ultra 2 coats in one day. I waited over 2 hrs before applying the 2nd coat. I used a big roller, edger, and a brush for the corners. This paint job took place on Saturday. Sunday and Monday I went around on the corners to to touch ups with artistic brushes.

Now on Wednesday I went in to look at the walls and I notice these little pin holes showing up and the other blue underneath. I just need to get rid of this blue, please advise.

Thank you.

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