Too cool to prime/paint?

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Neil asked 10 years ago

OK, its going to be 50 degrees for the next four days, then some rain-maybe. Trim has been sanded down to bare wood (90%). I need to prime, latex or oil? Thinned or not to thin?? Night time temps will hit 30-35. What type of Primer? Latex going on top as the finish coat (Ben Moore-Aura).

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Crowder Painting answered.

Use an oil base primer. You shouldn't need to thin, unless the primer is to thick to work. To help it dry add a little Japan Dryers. You should be able to get some Japan Dryers at the same paint store where you get the primer.

You won't have any problems painting over the oil base primer with your chosen paint. Give the primer some extra time to dry before painting.

Anonymous answered.

Oil base primer will not dry properly at temperatures under 50 degrees, even if you add Japan drier to speed up the dry time. Alkyd products dry slowly at normal temperatures. It is better to wait until warmer weather exists.

Neil, I am assuming this work is exterior? If it is going to be cold over the next few days and you decide to hold off for the rain to pass and the warmer weather to return. Be sure to cover the area with some form of water barrier. The last thing you want to do is wait for a week or two, for the wood to dry. You will still get some moisture in the wood but least it will not be drenched from the rain.

I tend to agree with Karl as far as using some Japan in your primer. Although it may not be completely dry, it will at least be at a soft stage where the exterior of the paint will dry enough to keep the moisture out.

If you are able to get a small coat on early enough in the day it may setup just enough to dry.

BTW- I am a former resident of Good Ole NH.. I sure do miss the snow.. not to mention the ocean. Nothing like driving down old rt1- coastal route through Rye on into Hampton.