Top Layer of Drywall Paper is Peeling Off

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Sue asked 10 years ago

When taking off corner wood trim the paint and top of drywall paper is coming off. How can we fix this without costing too much? The area is about 4 inches by 3 feet.

2 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Prime the area with any good interior primer and let dry. This will seal and stabilize the surface.

Now you can use drywall mud to cover the area. It will take a couple of thin coats. Sand smooth then re-texture to match the existing wall surface. Prime the repair then paint or touch-up the area with the original paint.

Anonymous answered.

Draw Tite

I am a painter in Cheraw S.C. Your problem with the peeling paper. There is a product called Draw-Tite, clear or white pigmented. Where your drywall is peeling or gouged. Apply a coat of this let dry. Mud and sand and paint. This is an excellent product.