Touch-Up Paint Is Shiny

Karen asked 6 years ago

We recently built a new home, and had the painting done professionally. I wanted the very best paint I could buy, and after doing my research, I decided on Behr Premium Plus. The painter told me how much paint to buy of each color, but when he was done, I had about 1/3 to 1/4 of the paint left over. I thought that was a lot, but couldn’t really do much about it.

Later on, when we started to do touch up, I am faced with shiny spots everywhere I touch more paint to the surface. This happens even when I use a roller instead of a brush. I was told that this happens when there wasn’t enough paint applied to begin with. He primed & painted 2 finish coats with a sprayer, backrolling after the last coat, but since there is so much paint left over, I am wondering if he didn’t thin it a lot.

At any rate, it is an issue for me now, and I was wondering if there was a trick to applying the paint with a special kind of roller or brush that would help with the shiny appearance?

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