Trim Color for Salmon Brick

Terri asked 9 years ago

I have an old house that has the Salmon brick color. Right now all the trim, door, garage door, shutters are white. I want to change the color but do not know what color matches Salmon. My garage door is white and I do not want to do anything with it. Also the grout is a light gray.

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

Salmon is indeed a difficult color to match, beyond the stereotypical choice of white. Two options that come to mind are moss green and light charcoal gray. Either of these are complimentary to the salmon and work well with the white.

Anonymous answered.

Salmon has a yellow tint to it, so to be conservative, think in shades of pale yellow or a creamy off white. Because of the red in salmon, you can also take the color up a notch, using a reddish brown or yellowish green for the trim. Samples and coordinating colors can be found at your local hardware or paint store.