Trim question for old brick home.

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Shirley Wright asked 10 years ago

We just recently painted our trim on our house a dark gray color, Volcanic ash Gray color. A friend told me I should have painted the windows white or a different color. We painted all of our trim the same color, the eaves, porch, garage door and around windows all the Grey color. Was that wrong? Our shutters are black as you can tell. What is considered TRIM on a home? Thank you!

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Anonymous answered.

The trim your home is the stair railings, the porch, fascia boards, gutters, window shutters and window trim and last but not least your front door. I would consider the color red. Red is good karma in funshuai (positive energy) and brings good luck and health to you and your family members.

Anonymous answered.

The grey looks fine, I think. I don't know of many color options you would have put with black shutters – perhaps a blue or a green would be okay. White would liven it up a little, but the grey goes nicely.