Trying to salvage a deck.

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Gayle asked 10 years ago

Our deck was stained then painted. I don’t know what type of paint. I sanded and then power washed. Now I’m trying to salvage it. What type of primer and white deck paint do I use? Does the white paint need a protective coat over it if there is such a thing?

PS- I don’t know if all the stain came off with the sanding of the railings – only the floor was power washed. I know it is a mess.

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

All the stain will probably not come off, so do not sweat that issue. Check with your local paint dealer for an appropriate wood primer. I prefer oil based primers followed with an oil based floor enamel if you are intending to paint.

You may want to check into a solid color deck stain as they tend to hold up to the weather better than a paint. I will further suggest a trip to the paint dealer in place of the warehouse type paint retailers. More paint knowledge at the dealer.