Up in the air on how to bid this job.

Questions & AnswersUp in the air on how to bid this job.
Ron asked 6 years ago

I am being asked how much I would charge to pressure wash, prime, and paint an exterior for someones rental house. I have 25 years carpenters experience. And in those years, I have screwed myself more times than I want to admit. She wanted me to do gutters at first. Now she wants me to prep and paint first. She doesn’t want me do charge her by the hour. She wants a bid for everything. And she wants to supply all materials, even the airless sprayer. I am in fear of screwing myself again. She is persistent on wanting a bid asap.

Two story, t-1-11 everywhere but in gables and between windows in front. Lots of trim. House needs pressure washed first. Labor only. Can anyone give me the advice I need? Olympia, Washington Thanks

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