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Anonymous asked 9 years ago

We primed 2 bedrooms and a hallway with a latex primer and then painted the bedrooms. We then realized the bedrooms needed more drywall work, so we touched up drywall, primed and painted again in one of the bedrooms (the other bedroom is still getting drywall touch-ups). However the paint bubbled and peeled on us in the first bedroom, so we now know the original paint was oil based. Is there anything we can do to the other bedroom and hallway to prevent this from happening? I’m also concerned about the ceilings now because I don’t know if those were oil based. We have also primed and painted those.

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M.A.C. Painting answered.

Well you must first sand the walls, scuff, to get it to adhere. Make sure to get the entire wall. Then prime with zinser 123 interior/exterior primer. Then put your top coat.

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Adam Cavenagh