Using B & Q matt emulstion over B & Q kitchen and bathroom matt emulsion?

Ann asked 5 years ago

Hello – we live in Somerset in a property approx. 9 years old and this is the first serious decorating of the kitchen to be done since property was built. Kitchen currently undergoing a face lift with new worktops, new appliances etc and of course new paint on the walls.

We ave used emulsion over a kitchen and bathroom emulsion, both matt. The result has caused a disgusting smell (very similar to cat wee). Any suggestions as to what has caused this and how we can eradicate this? Have come across similar problems on the web, but Crown Paint has always been stated as the culprit. Seems sunshine, warmth and opening doors and windows makes problem worse. We have used this same paint (Antique White B& Q emulsion) in our Hall which does not receive much in the way of sunshine, but no problem experienced there.

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