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Rick asked 10 years ago

I bought oil based Kilz primer for my painting surface and I have 100 percent acrylic paint. My question, is this the right primer for this type of paint?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Oil base Kilz is a great primer and can be coated with any type of paint. The only stipulation is it's interior use only. If you plan on painting an exterior surface use a primer like Zinsser Cover Stain instead. The Zinsser product should be available at the same place where you purchased the Kilz.

Many paint manufactures produce quick drying oil based and acrylic primers for universal application, interior and exterior. For most exterior surfaces I like oil based primers, for <a href="">information about exterior primers</a> check out this page. Interior surfaces allow more leeway; check out this page for more <a href="">information about interior primers</a>.

Anonymous answered.

Kilz not just for interior

I was about to prime the exterior of a house with Kilz until I read your statement about Kilz being only for interior.

"The only stipulation is it's interior use only".

I told the owner of the house that it had to be returned until I read the label again which stated it's for interior AND exterior use. I had never before heard of it only being used for interior ergo my use of it. I guess I only felt like HALF a fool after saying to return it before reading the label…contrary to your comment.
What's going on?

Crowder Painting answered.

Kilz Original Oil Base primer is INTERIOR USE ONLY. This is stated on the can as well as on their website. Kilz makes several types of primers, some are for exterior use. It is possible you are using Kilz Premium, which is an acrylic interior and exterior primer, or Kilz Exterior, which is the only exterior oil base primer that Kilz makes.