Valspar eggshell terrible sheen

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Scott asked 9 years ago

I have a house about 8 years old and I painted the inside using Valspar Signature eggshell paint. The color is coffee. The walls go from 8 feet to 12 feet. I have applied up to 2 coats. The color is great and the coverage is nice but the sheen is terrible. I used Purdy 3/8” nap rollers. I apply paint generously and have tried multiple techniques from the “W”, fanning and cross rolling. I have received different suggestions from Lowe’s employees from needing to re-prime all the walls and start over to sand the walls to get the paint off and prime and repaint to just add another coat. The walls are in great shape, no damage, no patch work.

I painted the master bedroom with Valspar flat in a darker red color and it did fine. One representative said I needed to repaint everything using flat.
My biggest frustration is with the ceiling. I painted the ceiling with Valspar Premium flat ceiling white. From an angle, which is all the time since the ceiling is vaulted, it looks like brushed suede. I was told to apply a 2nd coat and I did. Still looked like suede. I was told to go a different direction and I got the same results. I called the 888 number on the Valspar can and the representative said to use flat white wall paint and since it has multiple coats it doesn’t need primed. I went ahead and purchased the primer the sales representative recommended and primed the ceiling. I also primed the walls since they told me to. The primer came off the walls back onto the roller and made a horrible mess and the walls looked very rough. I called Lowe’s back and they said I used the wrong primer and the walls will need sanded. I haven’t painted the ceiling again. I’ve already been told there are too many coats of paint on it. The representative in the store also told me not to use the flat wall paint as it has more sheen which will cause more of the suede appearance problem.

I’m at a complete loss of what to do. I’m particular and careful when I paint and even had compliments from contractors saying they couldn’t have done any better when it comes to cutting in lines and trim. I’ve never been afraid to paint until now. I cannot make the walls and ceiling look smooth with a consistent sheen.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m tired of spending days and dollars to only get the same bad result.

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Scott answered.

This is what happens when all VOC’s are taken out of paint. That’s what used to make paints lay out nice. Now, especially with 100% acrylic(premium) paints, if you go back over an edge, the paint pulls off the surface. Use the vinyl/ acrylic. Save $ and also don’t take advice from Lowe’s. Big mistake!

MagicDave answered.

People at Lowes and most other Paint Stores are SALES PEOPLE who have little to NO painting experience! All they are trained to do is SELL you their products… never rely on them for any painting advice… always get it from a Real Painting Contractor…
To help you with your problems is real difficult since you went SOO Far in the Wrong Direction, even from the get-go, by purchasing inferior grade paint! Next time be sure it’s Sherwin Williams or Behr…
Aside from removing all of the paint and primer, which is difficult and time consuming and should only be done by a professional… you could possibly try block sanding all surfaces with coarse grade paper, spackle any cracks or defects, or holes,  then prime all surfaces with a stain blocking oil base interior primer… then apply your top coat using the afore mentioned high grade paint, using flat for ceilings and for all the rest of your surfaces as well, for woodwork use a semi gloss sheen, use acrylic latex, a 3/8 inch nap, good grade roller cover, and do NOT use the mentioned cross W rolling technique, it is NOT a good way to roll ceilings or walls!
Finally be SURE to  visit my website and follow the advice for rolling as well as for many other techniques…
Good Luck…