Wall color for my master bedroom?

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Brenda Brown asked 10 years ago

I have a gold/teal/limegreen/brown bedspread and I need a wall color for my master bedroom. I really wanted a gray but when I put them together it really doesn’t match.

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Anonymous answered.

I would suggest going with a more neutral color, such as, "oatmeal" or "pecan sandy" or both. One for the walls and the other for the trim and baseboards. Another suggestion is to maybe pick a color that is in the bedspread you like the the best and get a gallon of paint in that color and paint only one of the walls in your room with that color and the rest of the walls with a more neutral color or possible an off white, beige, or something like that. That will give you the tie-in to the bedspread that I think you are looking for without totally overdoing it with a lot of color. I believe the term for that is "accent wall". Well I hope this helps. Have a good time with your re-decorating.

Anonymous answered.

I think colour selecting totally depends on your choice & not other because it's you is going to use bedroom. Colour should be little light shade so that even if we have dim light we feel bright & when we get up in morning we should feel fresh & not dull. Even sunlight direct in the room makes difference. It's also good for people who read books before going to bed.