Wall paint smells after more than a week!

Lily Warren asked 6 years ago

I just had my bedroom and bathroom painted two Saturdays ago by house painters. I was trying to be good to the environment and my family so I bought good products: Bullseye Low Oder primer and Olympics No VOC paint.

Now my rooms have this overwhelming odor that won’t go away. I don’t know how to describe the smell. I’ve conducted some tests on plain paper with the products to see what is making that odor.

* Test 1 – With just the paint, resulted with no smell.
* Test 2 – With just primer, resulted with no smell.
* Test 3 – Paint added to fully dried primer and allowed to dry, resulted with no smell.
* Test 4 – Paint added to half dried primer and allowed to dry, resulted with no smell.
* Test 5 – Wet paint added to wet primer, resulted with no smell.

The painter also painted a living room wall for me with a low VOC paint and that wall doesn’t smell. It’s not the drywall, because all my walls are the same and they never smelled before. So I don’t know what else it could be. I thought maybe the painters put something in the paint or used very stinky old rollers that still contain old paint. They did wash their equipment in my bath tub. Maybe they accidentally produced a chemical reaction when they pored paint thinner down my bathtub pipes? How can I get rid of the odor and more importantly, is it producing lots of VOC? Should I just put up new drywall if the VOC is very high and the paint odor is still there after one month? Please help!

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