Wallpaper border removal?

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Aimee asked 9 years ago

We removed a wallpaper border in our kitchen to discover another border under it. They painted trim paint at the top and the wall paint (eggshell) over the bottom part. It looks as if the original border was perhaps glued to the wall? I see a section where it looks as if they attempted to remove the border then gave up and painted over it. We were thinking of lightly mudding then priming over with Zinzer oil based paint. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are at a standstill as we don’t want to damage the sheetrock by trying to remove it. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

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MagicDave answered.

Sand the edges to a firm edge with a block sander… then prime the border with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer (two coats applied heavy)… then topcoat with Sherwin Williams Acrylic Paint…

Note: If the surface "shows" under the final coat… you will need to prime the WHOLE wall… do a "test area" to see…

Keep in mind that you can only approach perfection, but you can never achieve it! Good Luck